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3 Fun and Beneficial Experiences that You Can Get as an Intern at

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Be part of our think-do-be tank projects! opens for university students and graduates to experience the working environment through internship program. Our interns mostly have education background in environment and energy, but we also open for other major of studies to experience our thik-do-be tank projects.

Interns came from various countries namely French, Germany, UK, USA, Canada and many more. At this moment, has 58 former interns and 6 active interns at the office. Before deciding to apply for an internship at, here are some experiences you can get as an intern at

Working with Partners and Local Community

As a company, has built relationships with several partners like school, government, shops, and many more. We work with Montessori school Bali by support its students in selling coffee every Friday morning. We supply coffee from local farmers to them.

lnstalling biogas digester at farmers

One of the actualization of our project, support the local farmers to get better access to clean energy. installed biogas digesters for our farmers in Bali and East Nusa Tenggara, makes us also work closely with the local community. Moreover, also have guests from students who want to take lesson learned from problem and solution in Bali, makes our intern also experience working with our partners from other countries. 

Unique working place

Have you ever imagined working close with the nature? Unlike the other office,'s team does not work inside a closed building. We more likely work at a Joglo, which is a traditional architecture of Java island that does not have walls surrounding it.

Multicultural environment

Currently has 6 interns and 2 staffs who come to the office everyday. Since that, we work very close to each other and support other team and projects. Furthermore, one fun side of working at is the barbeque (BBQ).  Sometimes, we arrange barbeque with our team and invited some guests after working hours to relax and enjoy dinner together. the interns came from many different countries, background and culture making has a solid multicultural environment.

Those are only several experiences that you will get as an intern at There are still lots of things that you can experience when working with us in Bali. We look forward to welcoming you in our team!

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