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[Bali life] 2nd treehouse and oversized stairs last forever!!

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

I am Takeshi CEO of

I am building a treehouse which is everyone's childhood dream and I'm still dreaming ;-). A good dream is better to last long, so I am not rushing to finish my treehouse. This is the status of my 2nd tree house a year ago (Yes, I had another one before this treehouse). This could be one of the slowest constructions per square meter in the world. The treehouses about a size of small shipping container which is roughly 6 x 2.5 meters.

Not only this treehouse but also the 1st treehouse and's main office are mainly built with pre-loved the material. I mean it's really with pre-loved material especially the oversize stairs!! The stairs are transferred from one of the iconic surf shops in Bali namely "Surfer's Paradise". The iconic surf shop exist even when I came to Bali Island first time roughly 30 years ago. If anyone has been to Bali, they may recognise the huge statue of a surfer who is the wings beside the sunset road between the airport to Kuta. This shop is not one of the franchise surf brand shops and could not compete with these surf megabrands. So, they had to close the business in 2018.

I was very privileged to inherit the iconic stairs. I wish I could have the huge surfer status, as well ;-). The stairs were built at least 30 years ago with a mixture of local hardwood and stainless steel. Today, I was chatting with my ironsmith and he told me how their paint was strong. I found this kind of old-is-better example sometimes. For example, some years ago I went to the famous Lion Rock in Sri Lanka. There is a palace on the top of that huge rock, which was built 700 years ago. About 50 years ago, people decided to renovate redbricks of the wall and now you see that the red brick built 700 years ago was too strong but the redbrick installed 50 years ago was already half deforming.

Reusing is much better than recycling and to reuse things we have to build things last longer just like my oversized stairs.

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Akane Yamauchi
Akane Yamauchi
Nov 20, 2020

I learned that reusing is much better than recycling in the your online event! I was admired when I saw Horyuji temple in Japan which lasts over 1300 years because people repeatedly repaired some parts and has maintained its beauty appearance. I would also try to reuse thing instead of recycling or getting a new one.


Building a treehouse is also my childhood dream. That is interesting to know that some old technologies are more robust than modern technology.


Nov 17, 2020

Woow, we can not only learn about sustainable building but also about history from this building. Soo awesome!

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