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2nd Bioenergy International Workshop 22-24 May 2017

The 2nd Bioenergy International Workshop was held in Bali, Indonesia from the 22nd – 24th May 2017 as a continuation of the 1st Bioenergy International Workshop in 2016. This event is a collaboration between two European Commission co-funded projects: GREENWIN and TRANSrisk engaging with local partners, Sustainability & Resilience Co ( and Udayana University. The workshop was attended by 52 participants from different backgrounds: government, the private sector, NGOs, farmers, and researchers. The workshop encompassed a seminar, stakeholder consultation, brainstorming, survey, and focus group discussion. The main goal of 2nd bioenergy workshop was to shed further light on the opportunities of biogas in Indonesia with critical reflections on the associated risks and barriers. This objective is based on the findings of the 1st Bioenergy Workshop where small scale biogas was selected as a priority technology based on a multi criteria assessment.

At the beginning of workshop, a set of presentations were shared by related stakeholders as lessons learned regarding biogas deployment. Following that, a stakeholder consultation was carried out to identify the attitudes of biogas development in Bali using the Q-method. To promote this technology, business opportunities of biogas were discussed among participants using business model canvases. Then strategic action plans were formulated by three stakeholder groups: policy makers, researchers/engineers and farmers (biogas adopters) using Technology Needs Assessment (TNA). Overall, the stakeholders acknowledge the benefits of biogas for energy security in rural areas, however, biogas development is hindered by several issues like competition with subsidized fossil fuels and access to funding support. This workshop successfully identified biogas opportunities and a strategic action plan for accelerating biogas adoption, for example, partnerships and collaboration are required among relevant stakeholders. The result of exercises will be the main base for determining the next focus topic for the 3rd Bioenergy International Workshop which will be held in the mid of 2018.

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