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Our current LANDMARC research project will hold its first general assembly in The Netherlands and TIPPING+ project in Greece. After the first half of the IKI Small grants project has passed, we discovered that tapping into the carbon market through certifications became a more viable option than blockchain. Our Giftmakers, Fabian, Bianca, and together with BMKG Jembrana installed one biogas in Ekasari Village, Melaya, Jembrana. When it comes to the agricultural business, vanilla is known as "black gold". In Maluku, our partner, Sinar Hijau Venture, works closely with kenari farmers. Kenari is part of the local culinary tradition known for its high nutritional value. 
As part of be-tank, we design programme that offers students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain direct practical experience with's work related to climate change and sustainability issues. Nanako from su-re.connect just conducted a tourism workshop for Genau Indonesia. Another good news, you still have time to apply to the design competition for our project report!!


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Newsletter June 2022

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