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Management without Managers

Hey everyone, it’s me Amanda again! To say I’m from the think-team doesn’t make sense anymore as I am involved everywhere because I think- do and be everyday! Especially as supporting the administrative parts, I aim to and actively contribute the overall activities in And Today I took the role of briefing new interns!

I got inspired to write this blog after setting up an on-boarding system for the new interns. I created a recorded presentation for an introduction to so that we won’t have to brief new members one-by-one. Upon doing this, I started to realize why working in is so unique. Our management system sort of doesn’t exist.

Firstly, we don’t really have a manager. In a way, we also have so many of them. How?? Well, everyone is a manager. Everyone manages themselves. Upon entering one of the first few things we are introduced to is

" passes the watch to each of you and you will report the time to others, instead of you asking others the time."

What this means is that, in, everyone is expected to be autonomous. Be self-regulated. This of course doesn’t mean that you can’t ask for someone’s help. But we strive for efficiency by focusing on what we can bring to the company. We use several platforms to communicate our tasks so that everyone is always aware of what everyone is doing. This way, everyone doesn’t have to tell everyone exactly every single thing that they’re doing, rather the information about that will be accessible.

Maya mentioned in her blog, we used to announce our problems and actions for the day in the meeting. To make meetings more efficient, we simply announce what is important and instead write down our exact tasks in our whatsapp group called the dojo. Everything is communicated here. How is this helpful? For example, after I post my problem on the whatsapp, the other giftmakers can see it. Once they see my task schedule, there is a possibility that they can help out if our tasks intersect, or check in with us to update if they some ideas or experience on the topic.

Although it took some time for me to get familiar wth self management, I think our management is something quite special. In a way, we are fighting individually in the field, but no one is a lone soldier. Thus, what’s most important is that every individual’s visions are aligned and so that we move as a team while having our own focus. Imagine running in a big dark field with a small flashlight. On your own, you get to only see a little bit. But when there are many people with small flashlights next to you, the path is brighter, without having each individual acquire a bigger flashlight.

Do you think this is a suitable environment for you? Then check out our upcoming event with Fabian and Maya as speakers to get insights on how we operate as think-do-be tank!

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