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Bali is A Home : Melukat, A Self-Purification

Hello, Okta's here! I'm from Business Team in 🙋‍♀️

It has been more than 6 months since I live in Bali. Mostly, I experienced everything for the first time here. It's indeed exciting! I never thought that I will have a chance to live here ^^

Last year, I conducted an interactive game during OnlineACT Batch 2. I made a virtual cultural tour for the participant. I introduced the Balinese culture to them which made me had to read & learn more about it. Then, I found information about Melukat which took my attention. Today, I will tell you my first Melukat experience in this blog.

I contacted Ayu, one of our gift-supporter, and got some information about Melukat from her. She said Melukat is a self-purification ritual to release all the negativities out of our body and soul by taking a bath in natural water resources. It sounds interesting to me! Then, I asked her to accompany me to do Melukat for the first time and she agreed!

We prepared Pejati (package offering) prior Melukat ritual. Ayu also suggested me to wear Balinese clothes and brought me to Taman Mumbul Sangeh. She guided me to meet the Priest and pray together. After that, I went down to the water fountain to start Melukat. They have 11 water fountains and I go through all the fountains and praying. I washed my head three times and put my head under the stream of water. The next thing I did, I went to another fountain until the end. Last, I met the Priest again and she gave me a Tri Datu bracelet as a symbol of protection. The water was really fresh and it was very energizing after all! 😁

Taman Mumbul Sangeh

The Water Fountain

Thank you for reading my blog! Hope you enjoy it. You can check our shop to taste our single origin coffee & cocoa. See you next week!☕😊👋🏽

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