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A gift-maker Experience – Erina Oyama

Another testimony from one of our former gift makers from Japan. Her name is Erina Oyama. She has been a full-time intern in the Green business development team for 6 months. She is now studying law at Hosei University in Tokyo focusing on international relations and development. The reason she is interested to be a gift maker is because su-re.co appears to have the ideal environment to learn about green or sustainable business after her visit to Nepal learning about how farmers are adversely affected by climate change. Moreover, she wants to work abroad in the future, so she wanted to challenge herself in an English-speaking environment.

Here is her testimony during her internship at su-re.co😊

What do you like or dislike about su-re.co’s work culture? Why?

She opined that she really likes the significance of teamwork among gift makers. Although a person has their own project, he or she will always care about others and try to support if they are in need to improve or finding a solution. She believes this aspect is really important as a company culture.

What did you learn at su-re.co?

Erina was involved in several projects in expanding the market of su-re.co’s products in Japan, such as promoting and conducting crowdfunding in Japan, customer management and conducting engaging events with other organisations. During this exposure, she learned that maintaining partnerships and relationships with customers, other companies or clients is really important. Therefore, she felt that these chances were valuable in a way that connects to su-re.co’s goal “Gift maker to the earth”. Although with some challenges, she became more appreciative to promote sustainable business practice. Also, working experience at su-re.co enabled her to picture what it is really like to work for a company and ultimately made her realise her future career pathways: “how” she would really like to work in the future and “why” and “what for”, not an ideal but in reality.

What kind of change you see in yourself between before and after the internship?

For this, she listed many things including how she gets more confidence with her English skills 😉. Thanks to the roles that su-re.co trusted to her, they change the way she thinks about something, always starting from “why” instead of “how”. Also, she has a better understanding of herself (her strength and weakness) and a clearer vision of how she wants to be in the future.

What would you say for those who would like to take the leap to su-re.co?

“su-re.co offers the best environment to intern with global standards. I think anyone who is even slightly interested should definitely join the su-re.co community.”

Are you interested in joining su-re.co like Erina? Please check our hiring and internship opportunities here: https://www.su-re.co/hiring-and-internship

See you on the next blog 😉

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