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Working at pt 12: Working for the World

Hi hello hello hello!

It’s Maya from the do-business and be-event team.

As you might have expected, I will continue my series of working at

So, the experience of handling an event project does not stop there, especially in, you will get hundreds of opportunities when we talk about events.

When my friends or family ask me what is my job or what do I do in Honestly, I don’t know how to reply with a really short answer. It always ends up with a 30-minute explanation. I realized more and more that this job is more than an event coordinator job because I had the chance to experience many new things.

For instance, being part of the be-event team, I had to make a one-week activity that can give the real or local experience to participants abroad, which is not easy. You have to really see the flow of the event, who will be the guest speakers for your program, what is the output of the program for the participants, what tools will you use for your program, task distribution, preparing invitation letter or contacting NGOs/government/institutions/police/local Balinese, etc. In short, what we do in always have a value. Like our founder always said, in everything you do, always ask why you do that 😊 five times!

At the first month of work, I was not very confident because I was always thinking, how can I contribute to community/society like others? I was thinking that the think-tank and do-tank have big contributions. How about the be-tank?

Until, I experienced the project from TigerMov, which I wrote on my previous diary about the visit of Tokai Rika and Daiki Axis Japan. I had to be with them and prepare the meeting with government/NGOs/institution/Balinese locals, in case they need a translation or facilitator during the sharing or interview sessions.

That was really eye-opening for me. During the visit of each local partner, I got to know the topic that they brought. The difficulties from their communities. I also got to experience how to have a discussion with the government about national planning.

I remembered at that time, I got chance to visit Department of transportation in Denpasar, Bali. Our founder was also joining the meeting. We had a sharing session about electric vehicles. I did not expect that the discussion can bring them a good connection with company in Japan or even international company. So, our founder suggested some companies that may support this program.

It really was more than a visit!

The more I realized it now. I love to bring local communities and government to our event as a guest speaker. Why? Because from their sharing session, I can learn their problems and how we can contribute.

I know that is not a big company but I believe what I learned from this company, that everything we do can give an impact to even a small community.

So, if you did give a contribution to society, you are already part of our gift maker family!

Thank you for reading my diary, see you next week!

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I also have a problem of explaining to my mother, what I am doing ;-)

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