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We Are at a Time to be Sharing Gifts Sustainably

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

During this challenging situation, we all have to postpone some meetings with a lot of people including the celebration of a special day with our family. Though this pandemic situation can be a challenge, but it will not stop us to share our sustainable gifts! We are glad to introduce our gift hampers that can be shared with your family as well as to the environment. 

Gift for people and nature

A never-ending loop of gifts, from farmers and artisans to you, your friends and family, back to the environment. In collaboration with Cinta Bumi Artisans, YZ Palette, Chef Buda Organic Farm, Sakombu and Jalak Bali by Rumi we are glad to present this special gift. These hampers include su-re.cocoa gluten-free cookies, su-re.cocoa,, organic Balinese sambal, handpainted ceramics cup, and natural dyed mask that you can choose.

Our gift hampers feature products that give an impact from climate-smart enhancement, local job creation and usage of natural products, all for a resilient community. Three packages are available such as Hati Bumi (small), Mata Bumi (medium) and Asa Bumi (large). The other good news is, the hampers can be delivered either from Jakarta or Bali so it can minimize the shipping cost!

Hati Bumi

Hati Bumi will be a perfect choice for you who wants to share small bites of a climate-smart harvest that are carefully processed by Balinese artisans. It offers 3 choices with the combination of handpainted ceramics cup, su-re.cocoa gluten-free cookies, drip, su-re.cocoa bar 25 gram, and organic sambal. 

Mata Bumi

Mata Bumi is a choice of climate-smart harvest and handpainted natural goods. By taking Mata Bumi, you will be able to share goods which include handpainted ceramics cups, su-re.cocoa gluten-free cookies, su-re.cocoa bar 25 gram, organic sambal and natural dyed mask. 

Asa Bumi

Asa Bumi is a complete gift package meant to be shared with family and friends. It includes and painted ceramics cup, su-re.cocoa gluten-free cookies, su-re.cocoa bar 60 gram, 250 gram, organic sambal and natural dyed mask. What a perfect gift to be shared on a special day!

Turn to be Gifts for Nature

By taking these products, you are not only supporting locals in this pandemic, but you are also making an impact on the environment. These products will benefit our planet as 25% sales will be used to create a climate-resilient community through renewable energy, climate education and farmer's empowerment. By supporting these products you are also supporting farmers and a better climate for all of us. Contact us by email at for further information!

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