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Taking Action to Save the World from Climate Change!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Global Climate Strike

Friday, September 20, 2019, millions of people from around the world take to the street to spread the word of climate change. Young people until school children took action to save the world from the bad impact of climate change in the future.

Climate change increases the global temperature, makes the Earth will become warmer. This condition will probably lead to more evaporation and precipitation. Some regions may become wetter where the other dryer. In Bali, the level of precipitation is decreasing, making the land suitability to rice paddy also decreasing. It means that farmers have to start finding the other alternative to adapt this condition, like one of the coffee farmers, does in Jembrana, Bali. 

If you were in Bali on September 20 you may see some students and young people gathered up at the side of roads and at the public spaces of the urban area including in Canggu.  Our cute partners, Lil Lotus Coffee from Montessori School Bali were also taking to the street to convey their aspirations as well as engage the public to pay attention to this issue. 

Climate and Movie Night

On the day that students are striking across the globe, as part of Friday for Future, in collaboration with Born Bright Bali, Cinema Without Wall, New World Together and My Red Envelope arrange a follow-up event, dedicated to supporting the movement for Climate Action.

 “Climate and Movie Night” a night of good talks, food, drinks, live music, short movies was conducted at Born Bright Bali on September 20, 2019. There were free espresso martinis provided by for the first 40 participants.

We started the activities by discussing the issue of climate change and what can we do to address that critical issue.’s CEO, Takeshi Takama was one of the speakers talking about the Climate Field School and our collaboration with school children with the goal is to help farmers to get a better livelihood and access to clean energy to reduce the carbon emission in the air.

Following the discussion, we enjoyed short movies produced by CinemaWithoutWall. CinemaWithoutWall is a movement that gathers international filmmakers to make a change with movies and screen them on unlimited public spaces for bigger impacts. The short movie “Sesal” was screened and it tells the story of a farmer who regrets his job and suddenly found a time machine to the future.

It is such a pleasure to take part in this global action. Thank you for all of change-makers that have been working hard to find a solution for the better climate of our Earth. We hope we can arrange more impactful activities in the future and we are open to collaboration! Contact us at

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