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Meet Our Coffee Farmers!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Indonesia has a very fertile ground for coffee to grow when on its land. Indonesian coffee from Gayo, in Sumatera until Bajawa in East Nusa Tenggara is well-known with the delicious taste of its coffee. has been working together with local farmers in Bali as well as in East Nusa Tenggara to get a better livelihood by marketing their products and installing biogas digester that can be useful for their daily life. Currently, is supplied by farmers from East Nusa Tenggara and farmer from Jembrana Bali. 

Pak Cakra from West Bali 

GustiCakra or known as Pak Cakra is a pioneer in his community to actualize the sustainable agricultural practices. After experiencing the results of his rice field several years ago, Pak Cakra realized it was time to switch from rice to a more sustainable and resilient alternative. He began experimenting with coffee and cacao, using cacao trees as shade trees for his coffee plants.

Today, his agro-forest is producing coffee and cacao with a healthy and abundant harvest. His success has attracted over 20 new farmers in his community to learn from his sustainable methods. Cakra is educating willing farmers and providing them with his exceptional cultivar. The coffee bean from Pak Cakra is also included in the su-re.cocoa, so you can enjoy both coffee and chocolate at once!

Pak Lukas from East Nusa Tenggara

We can say, he is a true farmer. He quits his higher education in order to pursue his dream of improving smallholders farmers' livelihood and he never looks back ever since. He took any opportunity as much as possible to increase his knowledge and skills on cultivation. Later on, he tries to apply all of those insights he gathered on his own farm before finally deciding to focus solely on coffee.

He walks miles through villages in Ende, trying to assemble a group of eager farmers and to get them to start thinking about working seriously on coffee. Later on, he decided to start in his own village and many villages are starting to join his movement. Until today, his coffee knowledge and eagerness to learn brought him across Indonesia even as far as India. All of his hard work and cunning lead him to a better future. Now Lukas and the local farmers are able to produce a good quality Arabica coffee which is not just delicious but also sustainable. is expanding its work in increasing the capacity of coffee farmers to tackle climate change together! is now also collaborating with Pak Darius from Bajawa where we also installed a biogas digester at this house. We hope this story can also inspire the other farmers to start sustainable farming practices.

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