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Gift Maker Experiences – Nadia Satrio

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

In March 2020, we had a new intern coming from the University of Melbourne, majoring Landscape Ecosystem Management. It is under the Bachelor of Environments. Nadia Satrio or known as Nadia is an Indonesian but grew up in Malaysia. She joined as a research assistant intern under the think-research team. 

Why did you decide to join as a research assistant?

“I wanted to learn about the research part of developing sustainable projects, from proposal writing to working on research papers or academic writing, and I feel that I can get a chance to do this at” said Nadia. As a small company that works with local and international partners, gives the opportunity for its staff and interns to learn about research projects that make an impact on large and small scales. After experiencing being part of the research team, Nadia feels that working in the think-tank has been a really fulfilling experience, there is a lot of dynamic, and she learns a lot from each other every day.

After a few months working with gift makers, what part did you like the most?

“I liked that we had individual check-ins frequently because it helps you grow professionally and personally too, and you get to know how you are doing” said Nadia. For us, an individual check is very important especially for interns to make sure the experiences they got here can help increase their knowledge and skills. Moreover, as a small team, also conducts daily meetings before and after work so we can share with each other. 

What did you learn from this company?

“I learned about the processes that go into conducting research projects, and how collaborations with other organizations are formed and maintained,” she said. Moreover, in this pandemic situation, she also got a new experience and has to keep making an impact remotely from home.  “During this work from home period, I learned about the ways to keep making sustainable impacts and sharing knowledge during an unprecedented time, to continue making impacts on local and international scales” she added. 

Is there any change you feel before and after the internship?

“Working at has helped me to build my critical thinking, and to always think twice and always be critical whenever I read or write something. Now, I always think about how every sentence and every word has a meaning, and that academic writing is something you just need to keep practicing” said Nadia. She was involved in some research projects that required academic writing skills and we hope she got the new experiences and keep practicing her skill after this internship. To close, she sent this message to you who is interested to take an internship (gift maker program) at

“I would really recommend doing this internship at, because you get to work with the other sectors within the company like do tank and be tank, and you learn about more than just doing research, you can see how the whole company runs by how everybody helps each other. It’s just a really good experience overall to build my professional skills for the future” she closed. If you are interested to join us as an intern, check out this page for the requirements!

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