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From for the Community – Stories of the Gift Makers!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Have you heard about gift maker? Everyone at is a gift maker, who contributes to creating implementing sustainable solutions for the environment. Everyone who works at from interns and staff is gift makers. Gaspard Blanchet is one of the gift makers who just finished his internship as a Green Business Developer. 


Gaspard studies Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Iéseg – School of Management, in Paris, France.  As a Green Business Developer at, he aims at gaining insights and experience in sustainability, while learning more about circular business models. As part of his Master’s thesis, he will build a company creation project, willing to develop electronic music in a sustainable, circular and community approach. His internship at brings an important contribution to this project. “I was looking for a company with a circular business model which has a social and environmental impact because I am interested to build such a company when I finished my studies so it was really important to me testify the functioning of that organization and I also was interested in the position of the business developer because it is what I studied and I wanted to practice skills in this domain,” said Gaspard on this last day of internship. 

What did you like about

“One thing I love the most is the autonomy in tasks and how we can choose the project by ourselves because I think this is the best way to learn about how you work and together with this we get the chance to a really wide variety of task,” he said.  Apart from working as a green business developer, Gaspard was also involved in installing biogas digester, and organizing event that he thinks it is also enriching his skills and knowledge. “I work on really different things from marketing materials, design, also prospective customer, relationship management, inventory, a bit of accounting and organizing event,” he added.

What did you learn from the internship?

During his internship, Gaspard got the chance to be involved in the 4th Workshop on Sustainability and Resilience, which invited the government, researchers and companies to discuss Low Carbon Development Plan for Indonesia. While interviewed, Gaspard was surprised to see how companies and NGOs can have a real impact on government decision-makers. 

In general, he also feels that be creative and having a critical mindset are somethings we should have as an intern. “Be creative and always ready to question yourself and have a critical mindset in the sense that you are able to move forward and if you have to change your opinion, you have to do it fast and move on to the next things and not getting stuck on that problem.” 

For those who will take the leap,

“Be ready to be dedicated to the job, and have real impact actions. Just make it happen in your life and also be ready with multiple responsibilities to jump from one task to another and also you will develop a lot of skills for this.”

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