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[Experience] Balance between working at and university life

Hi! I’m Miku from the Business team! Today’s blog is my experience at (volume 2!) and I will talk about how to balance between working and studying at university.

When I review last month, I was very busy since I had a lot of tasks at and university. For example, I was preparing for the online event with my teammates in terms of tasks. For university assignments, I had the online workshop project and many presentations a week. So, I had spent hectic life at that time from my perspective.

From this situation, I sometimes consider how to manage my schedule well and keep the balance between working and studying. Then, I realized that I needed to change my mind and train myself for this busy life. There were two actions I took for it. The first one was making clear visions or goals and reminding myself. For instance, my goal for the online event was to attract more Japanese intern students. In terms of university assignments, I set the goal that I would like to lean business for using the knowledge and skills in the workplace. In addition, I wrote down these goals and put the paper on the wall. This action made me keep the high motivation to do tasks. The second point was doing mindset constantly. I sometimes felt too tired doing tasks for a long time during one day, so I refreshed myself by talking with my family and friends. Also, I consulted with my teammates at and got advice from their experiences. Thanks to these two actions, I can do tasks productively and effectively and eventually the event and presentations were succeeded.

Everyone would spend busy life as same as me every day and feel tired or frustrated for it. But, I believe that only small changes can bring successful outcomes, so I hope everyone can make a value for what they are doing.

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