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Everyone Can Get the Benefit of Biogas Digester!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

A Gift for Farmers in Plaga, Bali

In early March 2020, Vincent and Jeroen of delivered a gift for farmers in Plaga. Vincent and Jeroen are our interns from the Netherlands who is studying engineering. They were able to transport the biogas from Canggu to Plaga very easily.  

By implementing the instruction from our team and assisted by Pak Slamet who has experience in installing biogas digester, they all successfully installed the biogas themselves. They were able to make all pipes well-connected and feed the biogas with cow manure. To make sure the biogas can work effectively, Jeroen and Vincent also brief the farmers on how to maintain and monitor the biogas. Thank you to Stefan Piatek, Bappenas, Four Seasons Bali, Rotary  Club Canggu, and Lapmas for supporting this biogas. 

Collaborative Action to Fight Climate Change 

In total, we have created more than 20 biogas digesters! Before installing biogas digester in this village, has built the capacity of farmers through Climate Field Schools in collaboration with SEI, BMKG and DiBon Coffee Project. Pak Slamet, who was leading the biogas installation, was the first farmer we met in Bon Village. He is also the lead farmer of DiBon Coffee Project.   

“The system is interesting, really practical, and inexpensive to be implemented in our farm and the surrounding farms,” said Yuki of DiBon Coffee Project.  

Green School Students Will Have Their Lunch Cooked with Biogas

Besides installing biogas for farmers, we are also open to public or private sectors that also want to take part in reducing carbon emissions. Mayun, Fabian dan Gaspard of have also installed biogas at Green School in Abiansemal, Bali. Green School plans to use this biogas to cook lunch for its students. We are looking forward to seeing them cooking with biogas in the near future!

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