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[daydream believer] Why "You Must Believe first Before You See" does not work -- part2

Continue from yesterday -- part 1

At the same time, it seems that many people are unable to rewrite what they once believed. So many people can't do anything differently when they are told something new. The result is excessive adherence to behavioural choices, a preference for less accurate signals, and a complete disregard for signals of change. There are many such papers available.

For example, I asked for a new website because our old one wasn't user-friendly, but there was no sign of action. Nowadays, online services to create a beautiful website easily. It's so easy, so it's hard for the average website design company to survive ;-). Using one of them, WIX, I spent one weekend laying the foundations of what would become our current website, and then we announced that we were going to change the hosting of the website next week. And, almost everything was done in a fortnight. Of course, the CEO has the responsibility of everything, so I am not blaming the website transfer, and I understand the hesitation for someone has never touched website development. Anyway, I thought this was an interesting experience of showing-is-believing. Once you show people the signal that change is possible, everyone starts to believe it. When that happens, our best people don't need to be told any more, they move on their own ;-)

When I talk to founders I respect, all of them tell me this story of showing people what they can do. A slightly old-fashioned way of saying, but this would be to say that good managers "talk with their backs". After that, the best employees will go ahead to do what they need to do.

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