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Behind the Scenes of the 4th Sustainability and Resilience Workshop : Working at pt 5


It’s Maya again from Do-Business and Be-Event team. These past few weeks, I shared my experience in managing the 4th Sustainability & Resilience workshop. I talked about the pre to post-event and finally, on this blog, I will share with you the final evening day of the event.

Thursday, the second day of the event,

Radhya and I were still at Four Seasons Jimbaran the night before because we had to clean up the venue. We sent the 10 HUGE BAMBOOS (remember?) to Montessori Bali in Canggu, the location of the last day. I would like to thank the security guard for moving down the bamboos ALONE at night. I understand your struggle. 😣😣

After that was done, we encountered a problem.. Bappenas, ESDM, and the Ministry of Agriculture, required official letters stating that they are participating in our event. These letters needed our signature and company stamp. However... we left the stamp at our office. 🤯 The office is about 2.5 hours away from Jimbaran in the evening. It’s really inefficient to go back and forth as they needed letters that night. So.. Radhya and I decided to search around Jimbaran to find a printing place that can create a stamp.

After a quick search, we were lucky enough to find one place! As they were just about to close, they kindly asked us for a pdf file of the stamp. Neither of us could use photoshop nor do we have files. So, we used PowerPoint to screenshot’s logo and saved as pdf.

We improvised!

The printing shop accepted it and we waited for a half-hour until they close. Thank you for being patient! 🥺

As soon as that was done, we rushed to the hotel where the Ministry of Agriculture stayed. They stayed at a different hotel from the rest, which was not so close. Oh just to let you know, Radhya was not wearing a helmet the whole time as we didn't expect this to happen 😞. Please drive safe, I'm not encouraging anyone to do the same, it was an emergency 🙏🏼

We were finally able to eat at 9 PM. 🥵 it's late and we realized that we still have free rooms in Four Points, Jimbaran. And so we thought why not enjoy a little luxury 😌💆🏻‍♀️ after the hard work and stayed there that night.

The next morning is Friday, the third and last day of the event. The venue is in Montessori School Bali in Canggu, about one hour away in the morning due to traffic. Radhya still didn't have a helmet, so decided to leave early at 7 AM. We have to pass a big road, so we did not want to risk it. I drove slowly while Radhya walked. We stopped at every block to find a helmet shop, however, somehow Jimbaran didn't have helmet shops closeby 😭. In the end, we found one near sunset road. However, we spent so much time already and everyone was looking for us. 🥵

People were waiting for us at 9 AM. Radhya and I were the only ones that knew the set-up of the day, the welcoming procedure, the attendance, the BAMBOOS. We realized that we also didn't brief anyone.. my phone was dead and Radhya had lots of missed calls. We called our gift maker heroes Mayun and Fabian that saved the day. Bappenas was also running late to the event. So, everyone at the venue had to improvise. While waiting for Bappenas and us to arrive, they played games to entertain the students.

Here I really learned the importance of delegating tasks and communication. Especially for events, I need to brief everyone. If people rely on me for information I have to be available. That is why I now charge my phone at all times.

That noon we realized that the certificates were just printed that day... so we did not have the time to distribute it to everyone. We had to send them andddd they all had to be signed by our CEO Tak and an SEI researcher.

I remembered they didn't eat a lot during lunch to sign every single certificate. Hundreds of them. EVEN THEN, some names were incorrect 🙃. After the event, we still spent time correcting these certificates and making sure we print them before May had to leave that day. Another printing shop had to go overtime to help us! Thank you for your hard work. 🥺

I would like to thank everyone involved in this event. All the gift makers for being the stars of the event, our partners, the drivers, security guards, anyone involved in moving the BAMBOOS, the printing shops, the helmet shops. This event would not happen without you. I also learned a lot from every single one of you. Thank you for making me a better team worker! I cannot wait to invite you to another big event. ✨

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I did not know this story. Good old time.

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