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Be Part of the Green Business Development Team!

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Did you know? You can be part of our team by joining our internship program! Since this young think – do - be tank company has been established we have collaborated with over 70 staff and interns from various educational backgrounds and skills.

What activities will you do during the internship?

An internship is mostly part of the academic requirements in the university, but at we also accept internship applications from a fresh graduate who wants to know about the working environment. The internship is not only limited to environmental engineering, but we are open to various concerns to join with our teams such as economics, architecture, business, and many more. 

As an intern of you will work in a multi-cultural environment and have friends from many different countries across the globe. At have 5 internship programs like research assistant internship, permaculture internship, green business developer internship, environmental engineering internship, and even thesis work internship!

Working as a Green Business Developer is looking for green business interns to develop the project business activity. This project is supported by the European Commission and aims at developing a community-based business model for the production of coffee. Initiated in West Bali and Flores, the project aspires to enable sustainable rural socio-economic opportunities with the use of bioenergy in coffee production. The project is a synergistically adaptation and mitigation measure for climate change with an ambition to set an example for an alternative strategy to alleviate poverty in rural areas across Indonesia.

How does it feel as part of Green Business Development Team?

As part of this team, you will be able to work closely with our partners in marketing the sustainable coffee and cacao product. That means you are directly contributing to sustaining farmers’ livelihood as well as creating a better climate for all of us since the proceeds will go to the biogas project!

Currently, we have several interns in the Green Business Development team! Two of them just finished their internship with us. They are Ryuma and Casper. Ryuma from Osaka, Japan admitted that he learned a lot from his internship program “I could learn a lot of things from this internship, for example how to write a proposal, how to sell coffee, marketing coffee” said Ryuma.

Casper, our intern from the Netherland also express his testimonial on the last day of his internship. He sent his message for the next interns “Just do it, it’s gonna be fun!” 

There are lots of fun and beneficial experiences you will get as an intern at Check out this article to get more insight! 

If you are interested to become an intern at Send your CV and cover letter to 

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