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[Bali life] five-minute sketching made my day at Pererenan beach

Next week marks the end of the Muslim fasting month, which is the most significant event in Indonesia, where 90% of the population is Muslim. It is the largest Muslim nation in the world. Even in Bali, there are many Muslim workers, so that it will be an actual holiday. Many of the staff working with me are also Muslim, and almost the whole team working on the building is also Muslim.

Usually, most Muslim workers take a couple of weeks off, but this year, because of Corona, they are not allowed to travel, so the construction team is still working. I'm working because I have things to do, but sometimes it's nice to have less company management and meetings (^^;).

Today. I spent some time and brainstorming about architecture and came up with some great ideas. I ended the day by going to the nearest beach, Pererenan, just in time for the sunset and eating some sate chicken (grilled on bamboo sticks) from a stall. With only five minutes of sunset left, I did quick sketching. I don't go out to eat outside of work, except at stalls like this one. I buy very few clothes, except for my work clothes. Surfboards are all second hand. Apart from other expatriate expenditure, I don't think we live a very costly life. If you spend unnecessarily, you have to work harder to pay for it. If I have to work more, I can't go surfing; I can't read books; I can't play with my children.

It's been a very satisfying day, sketching for five minutes before the sunset and eating grilled chicken. You're lucky if you don't waste your money and enjoy life.

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