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[Bali life] Cooling at Kudung Beach and klepon in banana leaves

Hi I am Takeshi, CEO of surfer, sorry, ;-)

I get up at 5.30 am every morning to go surfing. Weekends are a little slower, but I still go surfing as the first thing in the morning with my kids. The beaches of Canggu is a great place to surf at any tide as long as the wind doesn't get too westerly and you can swap out longboards and shortboards. However, on the weekends, I want to stretch my legs a bit.

The elder son wanted to go for longboarding, so we went a little further to Kudung Beach. It is the beach a little further from the tourist hotspot of Tanah Lot and is, in a word, a deserted beach. In other words, there is nothing here but waves. It's about a 20-minute drive from home, but unlike Canggu, there are hardly any foreigners. Even so, restaurants and cafes are beginning to open for tourists. I'm not sure if this coronavirus pandemic brings in customers now, but in the long run, I think this will be the next Canggu.

There are more shortboard-friendly waves nearby, but the waves at Kudung Beach are more of a beginner's wave, or rather, mellow break for longboards. Lately, my elder son has been into alternative boards, such as fishboards and softboards. About a year ago, he would only ride shortboards and think about chopping up waves vertically, but lately, he's been cooling along. I'm more interested in going to the beaches where the shorter boards are more suitable.

On the way home, we bought some of Tanah Lot's famous klepon and ate them at home, after making it as a Japanese style Zenzai. Not so long ago, I think all klepon were sold wrapped in banana leaves, but sometimes they were sold in plastic containers, now. The first roadside klepon stall we stayed at had them in plastic containers, so we drove around a bit and bought this klepon. The day ends with me wondering if I could use this old, but very new, banana wrapping for something else.

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