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[Bali life] Batu Bolong moving fast -- 10 years in a few months

My kids have been surfing Batu Bolong more and more lately. Before the Corona pandemic, we didn't surf Batu Bolong for about two years because we felt it was too crowded and dangerous. After the Corona pandemic, the crowds went back to about five years ago, so we started surfing there occasionally. My eldest son has started longboarding, and Batu Bolong is by far the best place for longboarding.

I think the crowds had gone back to where they were about three years ago when we stopped surfing Batu Bolong, about ten years ago you could go there at 6 am there would be one person surfing. It's incredible how fast Bali has changed in 10 years, and the Corona pandemic and Nomad economy change crowdedness the level of 10 years within a few months. There is a full-frontal secret spot around here, and I was surfing there alone this morning.

On Saturday, we were surfing again at Batu Bolong. My eldest son is improving his longboarding terribly fast. He has always been told to have a stylish stance, so I think longboarding suits his style better than shortboarding.

Batu Bolong is getting more and more dangerous, and I still have a bump on the back of my head from a board thrown away by a panicked longboarder. Please don't throw your board, and please be careful with it.

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