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A Glimpse of Memorable Challenge to Conclude My 2020

Hi! Okta from Do-Business team here 🤗

Recently, Bali has been raining nearly every day. Sipping a cup of while writing this blog is a perfect way to enjoy it. This is my last blog in the year of 2020. For the past few months, I have been lucky enough to have a opportunity to learn and work in I reflected over 2020, I'm grateful to have chances, and even more to have ability to choose to grow- rather than unhindered- to pursue my dreams. This time this year, I'm simply ecstatic. I will tell you about the preparation for a collaborative event with a partner, Rikolto - which was less than one week preparation and it was a memorable challenge to conclude my 2020.

On the night of 12th December 2020, all of a sudden, a program manager from Rikolto called me to hold workshops and an agrotourism tour for farmers from various region in Indonesia. Of course, this is a great opportunity for to start relationship with Rikolto, especially since Rikolto is one of the huge international organization.

There were many changes during the preparation of the event. One of the most unpredictable is the announcement from government that starting from 18 December 2020 everyone from outside Bali must do a PCR test before coming to visit Bali. This is of course a bottle neck for farmers who come from areas that do not have adequate health facilities such as farmers from Merangin, Jambi. Therefore, Rikolto brought their farmers to Bali one day before and asked to change the schedule earlier than we planned. Even though at that time we were busy carrying out ACT online activities with students from Japan, we are determined to make the event with Rikolto successful because we believe that we have an amazing team at Yes! My colleagues at are very reliable and proactive. I have an amazing supporting system. I know how lucky I'm to be part of this company.

We started arranging the agenda, planned the event budget, took care of some administration related to the event. Maya, Fabian and I have already divided some task forces. Our ability to make quick decisions virtuously in the midst of hectic conditions is the key to this event. This is of course helped by the project management system and the culture of transparency that we implement at

We conducted a soap making workshop by using excessed coffee, a cascara-making workshop from coffee husks, a marketing workshop and closed with an agrotourism tour to Bali Beans in Petang. Here are some documentation of the excitement of our activities :

Workshops and Agrotourism Tour

Ps. I will tell you the detail activities in my next blog. See you on 2021! 👩‍💻✌️

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Dr Takeshi Takama (CEO)
Dr Takeshi Takama (CEO)
27 de dez. de 2020

I did not involve the preparation and good to know this is worked well.

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