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3 years of Working on Making Gift for Farme

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

For you who have known for years, you might be familiar with this Balinese who works on developing our biogas digester. Mayun Bary or known as Mayun is the engineer of for the last 3 years. “Mainly what I am working on developing biogas digester to be ready to install at the farm or anyone who donates the biogas digester,”  he said. 

Why should farmers use biogas digester? 

The biogas digesters also not only benefit the users but also contribute to decreasing greenhouse gases as nowadays climate change is happening. Why is biogas important for farmers? It will provide clean energy for cooking as well as organic fertilizer for their farm as it is actually made of cow manure.

“So far, the farmers using wood as a source of energy to cook but if they have biogas digester, they get some clean energy to cook and then they get organic fertilizer from the biogas digesters as well,” said Mayun. 

“For me, it is very fulfilling, the experience on working, helping farmers to get clean energy for cooking and then they get organic fertilizer and then see they smile because they have clean energy to cook they have gas it is really fulfilling like it is a really good experience for me,” closed Mayun.

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