One of's greatest gifts to the Earth is our sustainable products. When you buy this package, you will get 2 pcs drip 10 gr and contributed to tree planting in Bukit Pasir Cabe, Brebes.


Bukit Pasir Cabe is an area in Ketanggungan District, Brebes Regency which is often visited by local people to enjoy nature in the morning and evening because it is so beautiful. Unfortunately, Bukit Pasir Cabe becomes very dry in the dry season. It has also been damaged by the Brebes-Pemalang highway construction project, left a former excavation mine that has never been revitalized. Land reclamation guarantee from the company has not been implemented. Thus, by purchasing this product, you contribute to planting tamarind trees which can be used for reforestation, improving air quality, and absorbing groundwater supplies. Are you with us? x Lindungi Hutan :Package B


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