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Why we do Self Reflection

Hi, Amanda here from Think-team! I have been thinking about self reflection lately this month, because we have started this daily end of the day routine with our team where we share about how we feel for the day using emoji and our reflection about the tasks.

At first I did not quite understand, as I felt my reflection tend to be the same everyday. After two days of doing it, I just shared the same emoji because I feel the same and then show which task is done and which still ongoing. After a while, I stopped because I thought “what was the point of sharing my redundant reflection?”. Then, our team talked about it in the meeting, about how some of the team did not continue doing so. I found out that, I did not do it properly. As discussed, I was only doing it “symbolically” – I did not fully understand the assignment. But when I did it proper reflection based on the 5 stages of drawing framework and writing research shared by Tak, I am slowly understanding the purpose of it. One being that finishing the task is not about ticking the check box, but reflecting on how the task contribute to overall goal. Second, I also found that it made me learn more about my inner self by balancing what I do daily and what I want to achieve long term, rather than put my work to disguise my inner self. I believe that where I want to go also keeps emerging because I began to realize that self-growth is as important, if not more, as professional growth. By doing this daily reflection, the line between my vision, company’s vision, current situation and my work to bridge this gap, become bit by bit more clear.

This self reflection routine is also beneficial in for team management. As we are working remotely, it is challenging to share insights and lend a helping hand if they do not ask or share their struggle, whether it is about the tech system, data or partners relation. By sharing this reflection , each of us just start replying to anyone reflection if there is a struggle they are facing that maybe we have some insights on. Although this subjective reflection in our team is not yet quantifiable, this is a beginning of drawing the line between daily task, which output people put most effort/ time on and how things can be improved by knowing each other’s achievements and setbacks. There are still systems that need to updated and refined as this reflection does take a bit time to review one by one.

I think that is it for now, I am sure I will find more revelations and learning point as we do oit more regularly ;)

Thank you for reading!

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Yes, we we "see" the world, everyday is different. But, our brain refused to "see" and instead use a symbol in a head.

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