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[vision] Resilience pathway connects moonshot, no-accident and wedding cake

Sometimes, memories are linked by chance. I had such an experience today. The resilience pathway is a reasonably well-known idea, and climate change resilience is based on it. But I didn't remember this when we were teaching the SDGs. And I realized that this idea bridges the gap between President Kennedy's moonshot speech to make the Apollo missions happen and Luck is no accident, which is about going from a chance to chance by trying first.

And the resilience theory of the Resilience Pathway itself connects to the wedding cake of the SDGs created by the Stockholm Resilience Centre. And, and I haven't written about it yet, but it's connected to adaptation decision-making for climate change adaptation measures. I feel great to know all connected, but I'm very tired, so I'll write more tomorrow about how it's all connected.

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