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The New Climate-Smart Product: su-re.cocoa gluten-free cookies

Healthy snacks don’t have to be unpleasant! 

Can you mention what is your favorite snack to accompany your productive days?

Here we introduce our brand new product, su-re.cocoa gluten-free cookies ! These gluten-free cookies are made with the delicacy of su-re.cocoa, the organic chocolate from local farmers in Tabanan, Bali in collaboration with Primo Chocolato. Made by a local bakers Alexandra Amanda, su-re.cocoa will be a perfect companion during your work or study from home period!

More than tasty! A box of su-re.cocoa gluten-free cookies will have impacts on our climate, the farmers and ourselves, as 25% of sales go to renewable energy and climate education for farmers to adapt to climate change.

It is one of the simple ways we can do to make a change from home. Our gift makers are ready to prepare the climate-smart product to be delivered right to your door! Contact us by WhatsApp +62 821-1241-6507 or through our social media.


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