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The New Climate-Smart Product: su-re.cocoa gluten-free cookies

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Healthy snacks don’t have to be unpleasant! 

Can you mention what is your favorite snack to accompany your productive days?

Here we introduce our brand new product, su-re.cocoa gluten-free cookies ! These gluten-free cookies are made with the delicacy of su-re.cocoa, the organic chocolate from local farmers in Tabanan, Bali in collaboration with Primo Chocolato. Made by a local bakers Alexandra Amanda, su-re.cocoa gluten-free cookies will be a perfect companion during your work or study from home period!

More than tasty! A box of su-re.cocoa gluten-free cookies will have impacts on our climate, the farmers and ourselves, as 25% of sales go to renewable energy and climate education for farmers to adapt to climate change.

It is one of the simple ways we can do to make a change from home. Our gift makers are ready to prepare the climate-smart product to be delivered right to your door! Contact us by WhatsApp +62 821-1241-6507 or through our social media.

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