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Synergising Think-Do-Be through OKR

Hello, Amanda from think-team here!

Happy Monday All! New day, new week, new month and almost new year (24 days 'til 2021)!

We are at the end of the year, but here at, we are beginning to prepare for the exciting opportunities in the upcoming year! Remember when I shared about my preparation for virtual company retreat? (you can read it here) Now the progress are here! Our collective envisioning has carved a clearer path and goal for each team as well as individuals. We implemented a new framework for goal setting called Objective Key Result (OKR). The objective is a long term vision for each team by 2025, and the Key Result is a short term measurable objective that we plan to achieve within six months. As you can see below, each of our team has contributed to exciting goals for the upcoming year and future – all of which value the synergy of each tank!

The think-tank is focused on our current on going research projects, TIPPING+ and LANDMARC, and improving publication on clean energy transition. While aiming to be recognised as sustainability and clean energy think-tank, we are also redesigning our biogas business model to support our do-tank!

Here at the do -tank, we continue strategising for the sales of our, su-re.cocoa, and the installation of our biogas. For you readers who are interested to be a partner or purchase our products, check our our shop or even better join our community on this site! you'll get 10% discount on our products😉

Purchasing, su-re.cocoa or biogas is not the only way to get in touch with! you can also join our various online events by our Be-tank!

This upcoming year we have planned new programs, such as virtual education program, and SDGs training in schools and companies.

Stay tune and stay in touch!

During this uncertain times, having this virtual retreat convened our team toward the same direction. Collaboratively defining our OKR helped us reconnect the missing puzzles in our progress. Having said that, we hope to continue thrive in making gifts for the earth🎁 🌏

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