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[su-re venture] Why do we need to evaluate?

Yesterday we had our monthly online retreat. This time we spent most of our time talking about our appraisals. We've had evaluations in the past, but they haven't always been a good fit for remote working. In particular, there has been too much focus on the process of how we work rather than the output. In the new world, process-based performance won't work as well because you can't see how you are working when you work remotely. That act of clacking your time card in the morning and before you go home is a typical process-based approach. Once a month, there is a seven-point assessment where employees evaluate the state of the company.

I think I've done a good job for having written it at the last minute, but the evaluation is a balance of four items. The first is whether the employee is not being paid less than the same business's market price. Secondly, are their skills in balance with the salary they are being paid? Thirdly, are the skills of the employee in balance with the expected output?

Every six months, we will conduct an evaluation of all employees. We will be evaluating all employees every six months to see if they are following the company manual and contributing to the company's Object Key Result (OKR). However, as mentioned above, the balance between the first and second items cannot be judged on the basis of whether or not the OKJ or the manual has been completed properly. The evaluation of the balance between the first and second items and the salary is an issue for the future.

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