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30% of Indonesian are farmers,

All of them do not have good access of clean energy,

All of us are become vulnerable of climate change


Our Solution

Motivated by those problem, started thinking about how to make changes. Indonesia is one of the biggest greenhouse gas emitting countries in the world, thus it is a good place to start. Started from November 29th 2018, launched the crowdfunding campaign with the aim to support local farmers fighting climate change. In addition, by Monday (1/28) it became one of the most successful coffee project crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

106% raised

The number $15.857 was raised by 149 backers from around the world. It means that project is completely funded, even more than the target ($15.000). Comparing to other coffee projects, raised highest amount on environment funding category. Its because of many people aware about climate change as well as famers issue.

The effort to make this project funded did not only depend on the online platform, but also by holding events in some places and meet people. team has held the first crowdfunding launch at James Cook Sports Bar on November and some more in others café namely Born Bright and Joshua District. Some people came and discus about biogas and climate field school that was presented by the founder of Dr. Takeshi Takama.

Time was running along with the number of funding percentage that increased over and over. After two months, the number has reached 106%, out of expectation. Finally, su-re.cofee can scale up the project’s implementation to help more farmers with climate field schools, provide famers with clean energy by installing biogas degisters. As the result, all of us can enjoy safer climate!

The crowdfunding campaign would not run this far if there were not many helping hands supporting our activities.

Thank you so much and stay tuned to our progress!

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