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Should We Become Supercomputers?

Hi everyone, how's your week going? I'm Amanda from the think-team. When big events are around the corner, I am mostly involved in be-team. Today I'd like to share my thoughts on working optimally.

Last week, I must say that I was piled up with many types of work (classic). It was my first time having the individual check-ins, which I overthought and ended up went actually quite well. While at the same time, the annual workshop and online sdg training are coming, so I had to jump on those before I finished my tasks in research. And in the end, I multitasked, which we all know is not a good idea... because how drained I felt by the end of the week. So this morning I thought, "why can't I be a supercomputer and just finish everything all at once!, get everything done quickly." Towards the end of the day, I realized why I shouldn't be one.

We're all familiar with how AI could replace jobs. Tak wrote a blog about But then, he asked us with "what can't AI replace?" while linking his other blog I'm not a computer scientist, but I know that AI can do tedious things really fast. The perfect case is Amazon warehouse that is almost fully automated. This is why we try to avoid laborious work and use technology to either do our transcription or proofreading. AI is great at preventing human error! But unless an AI is trained to do so, it won't really ideate. Of course, if you feed enough data and code the write algorithms, it may create a hypothesis. But such things do not have meaning or the "why" behind their daily action.

Working in a company where everything has meaning, I realized that maybe I shouldn't be a supercomputer who only makes and do things. I am a giftmaker. I have a meaning, good intention, and well thought out gift for the people and environment. I'm not here to train my excellence in achieving tedious tasks. I am here to ideate, create, initiate, not to train myself to do things technology can already do. As I'm writing this, Grammarly is suggesting better sentences, nice! Hopefully, this post is a reminder for myself on what to prioritize. To manage time wisely and find things that only I can do that computers can't.

What do you think you can offer that computers can't? Maybe this is a difficult question that can take a lifetime to answer. AI may imitate your face and voice but I am pretty sure they cant mimic my spontaneous ideas.

Thanks for reading!

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Mako S
Mako S
14 oct. 2021

Already grammary is suggesting us to change our sentences into more sophisticated ones, wow I didn't realize that one. I have been learning a bit of coding at school lately and what I learned is that even if they are super fast and accurate about most of the tidy works we have, it's still operated by humans. Humans release each order that's how AI reacts and works. Of course I am concerned a bit that like a movie terminator, AI would take over our worlds one day. But for me, what we have and they don't is this messed up emotions. They may be able to calculate and "feel" something through learning tons of patterns,they can still control themselves. Ours…

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