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Sam's Internship at

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Introduction and Tasks

Hi, my name is Sam and I am a chemical engineering student from Germany. I have spent 3 months as an engineering intern at 

During this time my tasks were related to the biogas project, including site visits, installation and reinstallation of biogas digesters, the production of biogas digesters, the improvement and development of a new digester design and the development of a welding test.  Furthermore, I got an insight in’s Green-Business model by grinding and packaging coffee, being responsible for the coffee inventory, by newsletter distribution and by aiding with the morning market at a local Montessori school. Besides this, I also had the chance to represent at a Shell event and a permaculture event and help with the production of a video tutorial to support farmers who are using’s biogas digester

Sam with Maria welding biogas digester

Reasons to join

In the future I would like to work in the field of renewable energies or environmental engineering. During my previous semester I was taking part at a Model United Nations simulation at which my University represented Indonesia. For the preparation I learned a lot about Indonesia and I got very curious to actually spend some time there. Doing an internship here, seemed like the perfect opportunity to not only get an insight into the Indonesian culture but also to gain international work experience.  Therefore, the internship at seemed like the perfect opportunity! 

Sam, Emily, and Jean-Andre installing biogas digester

One very unique aspect of this internship is that students from all over the world are working together very closely in Indonesia. Therefore the internship has increased my awareness of cultural differences.  


Overall this internship and my time in Bali was a great and enriching experience that also included some challenges. I would like to thank for the opportunity to come here first. Then, I would like to thank Mayun for being such a kind and supportive supervisor.  Lastly, I would also like to thank my fellow Interns, who I have worked and spend the weekends travelling with and who became my friends here in Bali.

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