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Relax and Focus by Listening to Balinese Gamelan Music

I can't believe it's already the end of October. I am Herry from Do-Engineering team. Now, I want to tell you about my hobby, which is playing Balinese gamelan, especially the Gong Kebyar type. I used to be an introvert and didn't like hanging out with people. Prefers to be alone and play alone at home. At the age of 11, which was the end of elementary school, I was asked to join Sekhee Gong or a group that plays gamelan. At that time, my life changed, starting to have many friends, socialize, and be more open with many people. Then, playing Balinese gamelan is my favorite hobby until now besides reading books.

Uniquely, I enjoy learning while listening to Balinese gamelan music, or doing something while listening to Balinese Gamelan music. I feel where my brain can relax and work leisurely, but work can be done quickly. Therefore, whenever I can't relax while doing my task or want to calm myself down, I definitely listen to gamelan music.

There are many types of Balinese gamelan, there are Gong kebyar, Semarandana, Baleganjur, Kebyar Angklung, rindik, gender, and many more. But what I like the most is Gong Kebyar, because there are many types of instruments that go together, forming a very beautiful harmony. There are melodic groups such as gangsa, kantilan, reong, and suling. Then there is the bass group that has loud voices such as chorus, calung, and jegog. There are tempo carriers such as Gong and kempul, petuk. Finally, there are groups that give accents such as kecek, drums, and reong.

In essence, the hobby that I live is able to give me a sense of relaxation and give me more enthusiasm to go through the days. Maybe because of this, many restaurants or spas play Balinese gamelan music to provide a relaxed atmosphere

Do you guys have a hobby with such a function? Or what do you think about the relationship between listening to a type of music and increasing brain performance?

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