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Porco Rosso : Great Leaders Answer The Calls

Hi! Okta's from business team here 😁. Do you like Studio Ghibli? I do!

My very first movie from Studio Ghibli that I watched is Porco Rosso. It's one of the underrated movie from Miyazaki. Porco Rosso was a human who decided to cast a spell to turn himself to become a pig because he felt guilty after his friend died during the war. He is a pig who known as bounty hunter of sky pirates. He flies with his seaplane over the ocean.

People always asked for his help every time the sky pirates try to hijack any ships on the ocean. Whenever the phone is ringing, Porco Rosso could have just rejected it but he choose to answer it. He started his seaplane and went to rescue people in the ships from the sky pirates. This movie basically taught me that great leaders always answer the calls. Great leaders don't hesitate to pick up the calls.

The calls could be the challenges which usually lead us to an opportunity. If there is a call, we have to think first and then go for it without any hesitation. This is also one of the principles that we implement in, to play flat-out.

As a person who has a bit anxiety of the future during this pandemic, I sometimes try to avoid the challenges and tend to stay in my comfort zone. After I join, I finally have the courage to answer the calls. The culture of work in here push me to the direction that makes me grow stronger and better. Furthermore, I have a good supporting team which goes towards the same path to achieve our vision together. Anyway, we are currently looking for an intern who also able to walk with us, you can find the information here. I hope I can see you in our dojo! Bis später 😉

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Dec 09, 2020

Leaving the comfort zone is always challenging, but we will have chances to learn new things


I also like the movie. There is a book written by the producer, Toshio Suzuki, about the behind-the-scene of Ghibli. That is really "play flat-out". There is an English edition and highly recommend it.


Dec 06, 2020

looking forward to your rescue ;)

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