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[Natural swimming pool] Bubble pump explained!

The design of the natural swimming pool has been decided for now! There are many ways a natural swimming pool differs from a regular swimming pool, one of which is the pump system. Natural swimming pools use plants to extract phosphoric acid from the pool water, which is necessary for the formation of algae, instead of using chlorine or other substances to prevent the formation of algae.

This is the area for the natural swimming pool

The aquatic plants grow to extract the phosphate called the regeneration area, where the water is filtered and then returned to the swimming area. Circulation between these two areas is the filtering process in a natural swimming pool. In conventional swimming pools, the water is pumped and filtered in a pump room to remove debris and add chlorine, which requires a large pump to circulate the water.

In a natural swimming pool, the water is circulated between the regeneration area and the swimming area, which are close together. The pump used for this circulation can be made from an air pump, such as those used in fish tanks. For more information, please see this YouTube video.

This is a simple sketch of water flow in a bubble pump used in a natural swimming pool.

Water mixed with air is light and tries to rise upwards. The water that is no longer going upwards is then sucked out of the regeneration area. To supplement the water sucked out, water flows from the surface of the water towards the sub-surface where the water plants are growing. In this way the water can flow from the regeneration area to the swimming area, allowing the water to circulate between the two areas to be cleaned.

The Bubble Pump uses only about a tenth of the electricity of a conventional pump. And because the only part of the pump in the water is the lid which allows air to pass through, it is safe as the power supply does not need to touch the water. I'll have to fit some of these pumps after building the pool, but I'm looking forward to it.

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