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Malin Fezehai, Capturing Sustainability Issues Beyond Her Lenses

Updated: Nov 25, 2020 #4

Since the beginning of 2020, our youtube account has been revived by launching the “”. is a short discussion featuring some organizations or individuals that have been working on sustainability issues to share their thoughts and experience to the wider public. The guest speakers are not only limited to energy or business sectors. In the fourth episode of, we had a special guest who works as a documentary photographer to share her experiences while photographing our earth from various perspectives.

Meet Malin Fezehai

Malin Fezehai is a documentary photographer based in New York but sometimes she also visits Bali for some projects. When asked about her experience in observing the sustainability issues, she mentioned Africa as an example since she also works a lot in Africa. “In Africa, there is a lot of migration happening right now because of climate change. Farmers cannot be sustaining themselves as the way they used to because we cannot depend on the weather in the same way," she said.

Climate Change in Africa has also conducted research in Africa and prepared a report on Low-Carbon and Climate Resilient – Industrial Development in Africa in collaboration with UNINDO. This report About 81% of the total land area (100.7 million hectares) in South Africa consists of agricultural land. This report also concludes that “South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, and Senegal – In all of these countries, projected decreases in rainfall and increasing water demands pose a challenge.”

“It is kind of transforming the way of life a lot of communities in the world,” said Malin. Besides working in Africa, Malin also worked on a project about climate change in the South Pacific like the island nations.

What do you think about our office and our projects?

“I think it is very wonderful and it made me think a lot about not throwing things away and reusing them and being able to sustain myself from what is available not always getting new things. It made me think about how I want to change my life a little bit,” closed Malin.

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