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Kindness in Every Single Cookie

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Have you tried our brand new product, the su-re.cocoa gluten-free cookies? This healthy and climate-smart cookie is produce by collaborating local farmers, suppliers and producer to together make a change and help each other in this difficult situation.

Met Amanda Hendratyasmani, the young cook behind the production of su-re.cocoa gluten-free cookies! While making the cookies, she is also assisted one assistant named Endri Wahyuni. They are some of the employees in Bali who got affected by the pandemic. The company where they used to work is temporarily open because of the pandemic and luckily we can meet and collaborate with them.

“The production of the cookies is started from me helping Mbak Endri to get some income again. She was off because the company that we worked together is no longer open for now because of the pandemic, so I just help Mbak Endri to get some income by doing these cookies together and any other things” said Amanda.

Endri comes from Lumajang, East Java. She joined Amanda to make cookies here since the company where she used to work is temporarily closed. “I am so happy to get the experience in making cookies. Previously, I did not really like cooking but now I enjoy it” said Endri.

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