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Impacts of nitrogenous fertilizers in rural areas

Agriculture and Forestry are responsible for approximately ¼ of the global greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, it is the second most important source of man-made GHG after the energy sector. But it is not only the clearing of forests or emissions from cows that are responsible. Also the usage of mineral and nitrogenous fertilizer plays an important role as it emits nitrous oxide (N2O), a greenhouse gas that is 300 times more harmful to the climate than carbon dioxide (CO2).

An important step towards reducing emissions is to switch to organic fertilizers. For that cause, we developed a portable biogas bag that can be easily installed in rural areas. Our farmers now have the opportunity to increase their production with their self-made, free and organic fertilizer. With the biogas that results as a positive side effect, farmers can cook emission-neutral and are no longer dependent on fossil LPG or health-damaging firewood.

The whole process makes use of a relatively simple, well-known and mature technology. Organic input materials are fed daily into the biogas plant as substrate. Inside the heated tank, bacteria decompose the organic waste, that exits the biogas system fully digested in form of organic fertilizer. Methan, a flammable gas to cook with, is also produced in this process.

Due to the closed nutrient cycle, a very effective fertilizer is produced, which not only helps those most impacted by climate change to increase their production, but also makes an important contribution to reducing emissions.

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