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How I deal with Procrastination

Hello, this is Cynthia from Research team.

Nowadays, I feel time flies really fast thanks to mounting tasks that I have to do for research (e.g., a lot of reading). Plus, every member of has to share the reflection on the target of their daily tasks, thus I consider time management becomes important to achieve my daily target.

I suppose there are myriad tools to help you organise your time in finishing your tasks. Honestly, I am the person that got bored easily if I work too long for one task and tend to do procrastination. So my younger-self often did many activities other than my main task -- my phone is one of the distractions. However, the older I get, the more I value time.

These days, I have been falling in love in an apps that help me focus, staying away from my phone (I even will ignore a phone call). It is called Forest. Unfortunately, it is not a free app, you have to buy ~US$2 when you want to install it, then you can enjoy the app fully.

So, this is how it works. Like the conventional timer, you set your time for how long you want to stay away from your phone while doing your tasks like the figure below.

When you decide to plant within the time you set, you cannot open other apps on your phone. Otherwise, you will let your tree die, more importantly, I am sure you will not finish your tasks. It is like a game, so the more you plant (i.e. focus by staying away from your phone), the more coins you will get. Like above, my coins now are almost 9000. 😁 Each hour would give you 10 coins, you could imagine how long I spent staying away from my phone.

The interesting part of this app is, we can exchange the obtained coins with the real plantation in other part of the world (2,500 coins). Currently, this app works together with their partner, Trees for the future.

To date, they have been planting more than 1 million trees in Sub Saharan Africa. It is a great tool for me to focus while giving an impact on the environment, like we do at We strive to be the gift maker to the earth. 😉

Maybe you can share your struggles in time management and how do you deal with it in the comment below. 😉

Thank you for reading my blog. Stay healthy!

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