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[daydream believer] How fashion can be sustainable?

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Hi this is Tak, CEO of

Today I had a webinar with a marketing person in Nike on how fashion could affect and is contributing to the regenerative economy. Regenerative economy is an extension of circular economy. The circular economy is also the extension of the green economy. That is, part of wasted materials will go back into production in the green economy, All wasted materials will come back in the circular economy, The regenerative economy could contribute to the society and environment more than 100%, i.e. producing something extra "good".

In the meanwhile, there is a movement in the apparel industry making fashion more environmentally friendly. "Patagonia" has a "Repair is a radical act" program. A van with a swing machine goes around town to town to fix old Patagonia products. "Nike" also has a "Move to zero" program, which makes shoes with wasted products and pieces of materials which were not used in their main production line.

This is the part of the movement moving from "normal economy" to the green economy, circular economy, and regenerative economy. Having said that this will be still a long way to achieve the regenerative economy in the apparel industry. Compared to that, agriculture could be easier to achieve such a concept because the biological process is naturally regenerative. We are working on a biogas project to make our coffee and cocoa business regenerative. We installed biodigesters which is a type of compost producing renewable energy and liquid organic fertiliser. This will not only cut greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere but also locking some carbon in the atmosphere into the soil so decarbonisation is achieved by this process. This is a perfect example of a regenerative process and economy.

We are working on this project in LANDMARC so we'll see what can show you in a couple of years ;-)

Tak, CEO

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