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Gardening in Narrow Land

Gardening is not just a hobby. Some people believe gardening can bring positive impacts to our life, by refreshing our mind, provide food and increase the quality of the environment.

To start a gardening project, we do not always need a large land. You can start gardening at your house, school, or even at your office by using some techniques and concepts such as permaculture, hugelkultur and many more. 

Flashback to the beginning of our gardening project has been developing its first gardening project since the beginning of the year. Together with our interns and staff, we work together to start this hugelkultur garden project at our office. Through the concept of hugelkultur, we are able to grow many plants in narrow land. We set our garden at 3 different levels of land, so we can plant a lot!

In the beginning, we started our garden by planting long bean, onion and herb. We maintain their health every day and give them nutrients from compost that we also made by ourselves. After 2 months, we have had the first great result of the long bean!

Update from our garden

We started to plant other kinds of plant, like sweet potato, and bitter melon. After a few months, our garden shows a great result. The sweet potato, long bean, and bitter melon are growing well, even we have harvested and cooked some of these and other crops, such as cucumbers and tomatoes, from our garden! Our own garden provides us with healthy and organic food that is beneficial for our bodies.

Keep gaining new knowledge in gardening

We are always keen to learn new things about gardening and make our environment a better place. We have joined some workshops on gardening with Yayasan Emas Hitam Indonesia, together with Lil Lotus kids from Montessori School. Recently, we also got the chance to gain new knowledge by joining permaculture and natural building workshop in Tampaksiring, Gianyar on June 29, 2019. From this workshop, we learned a lot about sustainable community, aquaculture and sustainable design that we can apply for our projects.

During the workshop, we did not just learn new things. team that was represented by Emily, Mayun, Jean and Sam also had a chance to share about our project and and the comparison of biogas and compost with other participants. 

We found that gardening is really interesting and beneficial for our life. Will you start your gardening project too? 

Let’s share your story with us! 

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