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Friday Morning at Montessori School Bali

What is Friday Morning at Montessori looks like?

Friday morning activity at Montessori School Bali

Friday might be one of the best day for some people besides the weekend. The word “Happy Friday” or “TGIF—Thank God It’s Friday” are usually used to express the joy on Friday. Basically, students in Bali still come to school on Saturday, hence the word TGIF might be not prevail, but not for Montessori Kids. Friday as the last day of school is used to hold some special activities including coffee selling. This activity is a routine for students from the Lotus Class or they named themselves as “Lil Lotus CoFFee”.

When you came to the front or drop off area of Montessori School Bali, Ryoma, Campbell, Andreas, Lyla and Jazz will be ready to serve you with a truly sustainable coffee of The Lil Lotus kids are very skillful brewing coffee with the french press technique. Only by spending IDR 25.000 (i.e around $2), you can enjoy a cup of fresh coffee from local farmers as well as supporting them to tackle climate change. Moreover, you would get special price if you bring your own cup!

Selling sustainable coffee

Lil Lotus starts serving fresh coffee from 8 A.M and will be closed at 9 A.M. Their customers are mostly the parents that escort their children. The parents can enjoy the coffee while conversing with the teachers or the other parents. It is really good for maintaining the relation between the school and parents.

Katherine --- the teacher of Lil Lotus CoFFee is always ready to assist the students. She always be there during the coffee selling, even helping students to connect with other organizations. Lately, Lil Lotus CoFFee has collaborated with Future Farmers Indonesia. Future Farmers Indonesia is an organization based in Bali that support organic farmers. They usually supply some fresh pineapples for the Lil Lotus CoFFee and the kids conjure it into a glass of fresh pineapple juice. If you were lucky, you can enjoy a glass of pineapple juice during the coffee selling.

The cooperation within Lil Lotus CoFFee and Future Farmers Indonesia is not just remaining still. Last week (03/01) Future Farmers Indonesia started to open a booth next to Lil Lotus CoFFee. They sells fresh products from the farmers namely fruits and vegetables (e.g guava, eggplant, pineapple, pumpkin, etc). Many parents swarmed around the booth to pick out the product they wanted before it run out.

Friday morning at Montessori School Bali is always interesting. You would find new experiences and a cup of our sustainable coffee for sure. Don’t forget to bring your own cup!

See you there!

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