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[Experience] Looking back 3 months at

Hi! I'm Miku from Do-Business team! Today, I would like to look back at 3 months since I have started working at

On February 1st, 2021, I entered and started working here, and already 3 months have been passed. I am sharing a brief introduction to what I have done and learned here within these 3 months.

~What I have done~

1st month: I tried to know the corporate culture, rules, and tasks. In terms of my tasks, I read manuals, canvassed Japanese companies for sales, and did posting on a Japanese Instagram account. At that time, everything was new for me because I did not have any experience of business activities and internships. Also, it takes a lot of time to get used to doing these tasks in daily life.

2nd month: I can gradually understand tasks and rules of One of the big tasks for me was holding the online event for attracting more Japanese interns. It corporated with TigerMov and was for the first time for me to plan the public event. What I mainly did for the event was making a poster using PowerPoint. It was difficult to visualize what I imagined and put this idea on the PowerPoint poster but I tried to revise to make a better poster from feedback. Other tasks for the event were committing making drafts and timeline, coming up with ideas of the giving away campaign, and facilitating the event. After finished the event, some new interns applied and I felt the accomplishment for the first time.

3rd month: New members come and some new projects are started. I am more focusing on expanding the Japanese market and feel that I need to learn business activities.

~The most important thing I have learned~

It is always "Having a Purpose".

Of course, when I set the tasks by myself, I was taught that I need to seek the purpose and meaning of them. Also, not only doing tasks, the most crucial part will be that I always make the goal or purpose of worikign at Actually, in these three months, I sometimes lost my goals and purposes of working at because the business activities were much more complicated and difficult than I had expected before entering here. But, now I set the goal that I would like to expand the Japanese market for sales and keep going for it. Even though I need to make this goal more narrow down for setting short-term goals, I believe that once I determine the goal and purpose, I will keep making efforts to achieve it.

So, from now on, I would like to always remember that when I start or challenge new things, I will ask myself why I am doing or will do it and go for it after making a decision!

Thank you for reading about my experience! You can also check my blog of other volumes on this website if you would like to know more about internship experience!

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Yes, we always talking "why we are doing this". We are think-do-be tank, but not do-do-do tank ;-)

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