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Every day can be Earth Day!

Hi! I'm Miku from Do-Business team! Today, I would like to talk about Earth Day!

Yesterday (April 22nd) was Earth day that we think about the earth and the environment and take action for protecting our beautiful planet. Many of you will think about what we can do for the earth and start actions. I also think that I would like to take small steps.

But why we need to consider the earth and the environment?

I saw one of the Japanese TV news and website telling that sea surface temperature around Japan has been increasing and it impacts on Marine ecosystem negatively. also,

people living near the sea cannot produce enough seaweed to sell due to this situation.

Of course, this is happening not only in Japan but also in other countries and environmental issues have been more serious.

So from this situation, what can we do?

I searched for small actions in everyday life.

I found that even though some action will be difficult to practice every day, still there are simple choices we can do in daily life such as riding bicycles, reducing the purchase of products packed with plastic, and using reusable bags.

From my point of view, taking these actions on only Earth day is not enough, and Earth day will be just reminder for us to take action. The best thing can be keeping in mind actions every day for sustainable life and continue to do eco-friendly actions.

Before closing this blog, I will introduce My 5 actions for the earth!

  • Bring water bottle

  • Wear reusable mask

  • Turning off the electricity while I am outside and sleeping

  • Ride a bicycle or walk as much as I can

  • Use eco bag

I hope that everyone starts actions that they can do every day from now on! Have a nice weekend and see you next Friday! ~For further information~

Sea surface temperature (around Japan)

10 Simple Things to Do to Celebrate Earth Day

Protecting Our Planet Starts with You

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