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[Earth Day] Climate Change Lessons for Kids

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Hi everyone!

Indri here from THINK-Research Team.

I wrote some blogs about waste management, emission reduction, forestry fact, climate change, bioenergy implementation, and biochar, if you read my previous blogs. I plan to continue writing about negative emission solution and carbon capture storage. However, since 22nd April is earth day, I want to write something about a sustainable environment in general.

Today, I post these words on my social media since today is earth day:

Our earth will give us what we give. Earth day should encourage us to reflect on what we are doing to make our earth a more sustainable, livable, and comfortable place. 💚💙

This country is a land of 'gemah ripah loh jinawi',

The wood can grow into food,

Water flows into the farms, and the barn is full of rice,

The fishermen always come home with a full of fish on the boat,

Clean beaches, fresh air, and thick forests are on every island,


Are they just the words of a song and a book?

This time I hear dry and barren land cannot produce enough food,

I hear the rice barns are not too full, but the markets are full of rice from another country,

I also hear the fishermen complain because they cannot catch enough fish,

Then, I also hear that we can find plastic waste on the beaches, the air quality application indicates polluted air in most big cities, and the forests are converted into palm oil.

But wait, which one is true? The words in the books and songs or what I have heard from people around?

This is an interesting way to introduce what climate change is and what its impacts are. When I was a kid, I read many fairy tales or history books. I only found the climate or the earth condition in science books. In fact, we need to introduce this topic to kids by using simple ways, stories, and facts.

I'm not an artist, but I can say these pictures are so good! We can read an interesting story as well. It can be a simple way to teach kids about climate change. We can read this book and show these pictures to kids before they sleep or after they learn courses from school. I was a teacher in CERES Environmental Park in Melbourne, and I taught primary and high school students who came to the excursion program. It was a good time. I learned so many things. I learned how to teach them about renewable energy implementation, green building, sustainable environment, and waste management. I remember what I learned when I joined the organization training when I was a high school student. I learned the steps to teach something and make someone can follow what you did. There are four steps: 1) you work, they see 2) you work, they help 3) they work, you help 4) they work, you see. The best way to teach is by giving an example and being a role model.

A recent survey found that 75% of teachers do not feel adequate training to educate students about climate change (Climate Impact, 2020). Some articles said that there are five simple ways to teach climate change to kids: 1) According to some climate scientists, the most important thing you can do to fight climate change is talk about it. 2) Don't scare them or share information that might overwhelm them. 3) Share some hopes to solve climate change issues. 4) Some specific activities are good to be applied, such as engaging in deliberative discussions, interacting with scientists, overcoming misconceptions, and implementing community projects. 5) Go to nature.

If we can educate children about climate change, we hope we can make the future better.

So, if you want to know more about our education and training program, you can visit this link:

See you next post!

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