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Coffee and Climate Adaptation

Updated: Nov 25, 2020 is more than just coffee. It is an output of scientific research to find a solution to climate change adaptation and mitigation through empowering local farmers and renewable energy development.  How can a cup of coffee have that kind of meaning? 25% of sales are contributed to biogas development and installation as well as climate education for local farmers.

After the Climate Field School in East Nusa Tenggara is produced by farmers in Bajawa, Flores where coffee becomes a valuable commodity.  To enhance their capacity in adapting to climate change, Climate Field Schools were conducted Albertus, who is leading the secondary cooperative in Bajawa, has been benefited from the climate education provided by BMKG in collaboration with through Climate Field School. He said that after joining the Climate Field School, they are able to manage coffee farming and processing better.

“By using the regular climate information given to us, we are able to adapt to climate change by making a better plan for planting our coffee and other alternative plants in our farm “, said Albertus. Albertus gave an example where the farmers started to plant chili as an alternative while waiting for the perfect moment to plant coffee based on the weather information sent to them. 

How are they doing in this pandemic situation?

Though we all are experiencing such a difficult situation, they are still working very carefully to maintain the coffee farm with high attention to hygiene. Keep doing physical distancing, washing hands and wearing mask are key! A message was shared by the farmers to remind us to stay safe at home. “ We keep working at the farm for your fragrant coffee at home”

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