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[blockchain] Installing Golang in Macbook

It's our new project supported by a European government to connect biogas to the blockchain for carbon offset trading. When I was seven years old, I got a computer at home, MZ-80B, and when I was ten years old, I started programming on Basic while everyone else was playing NES. I've always been involved in programming from time to time. But since 2016, I hadn't programmed in anything other than R, a simple statistical language, when I started my company. So I decided to learn the latest language, Go.

Naturally, hyperledger Sawtooth and Fabric, which we plan to use, also support the Go language. Why did I decide to use the Go language?

  1. Because it's becoming more and more popular these days, which means riding a winning horse.

  2. Because it is an object-oriented programming language.

  3. Because it seems to be easy to use, with default packaging and testing mechanisms.

  4. It should be compiled and lightweight, as we plan to use it on inefficient computers in developing countries.

You can download and install the GO language from here.

Then install Visual Studio as the actual development environment.

After installing Visual Studio, we will install the Golang extension.

From here, we will install the 9 Tools.

By this time, you need to have installed Xcode. I had installed it weirdly, so I got an error and had to install it again and reset it. This seems to happen because MacOS can lose track of Xcode's developer tool when updating.

xcode-select --install


sudo xcode-select --reset

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