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Biogas in the coffee value chain in Indonesia, an environmental consulting company based in Bali, Indonesia, established a green business project named The project works to implement sustainable, win-win solutions for coffee value chain stakeholders, through integrating biogas systems in Indonesia. believes that the biogas-coffee concept is a promising transition pathway for both climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Currently, Indonesia is promoting mitigation through clean energy such as biogas. Some people already use the biogas in limited capacity for domestic needs such as cooking. A biogas programme in Indonesia called BIRU, has 18,590 digesters in all over Indonesia from 2010-2015 . Compared to about five millions of cow and pig farmers in Indonesia, the BIRU digesters are still in very small number. A lack of demand for biogas is one of the key obstacles for further expansion. Thus, the initiative to roast coffee using biogas is considered to create demand. There is great potential for farmers to use biogas not only for coffee roasting, but also for expanding other small businesses . Through these and other initiatives, is committed to advancing the energy-agriculture nexus in Indonesia.

Find out more the article published in JIQ Magazine :

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