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Behind the Scenes of the 4th Sustainability and Resilience Workshop : Working at pt 4

Hi hi hi again!

It’s Maya from DO-business and BE-event team. Thank you for following and reading my blogs since the beginning ✨

The unpredicted events during the workshop are not yet done, so, on this blog, I will continue my series of ‘working at’ and this is going to be my 3rd episode of managing the 4th Sustainability & Resilience workshop.

A little intermezzo ~

I learn things quicker when I experience them. This is why I love to share my experiences of both ups and downs (mostly the downs) that remind me what I should and shouldn’t do. This also motivates me to write these blogs 😊


Moving to the next day, 2nd day of the 4th Sustainability & Resilience Workshop.

Day 2, Thursday, 28 November 2019

The agenda was an internal FGD (focus group discussion) that was only to be attended by invited participants/guests, such as stakeholders, policymakers, and gift makers. We were in a different venue. The 2nd day took place at Four Seasons, Jimbaran, Bali as they’re also one of our partners. It was quite close and only 4.3 km or 8 minutes away from the 1st day’s venue which was at Four Points, Jimbaran, Bali.

Before I continue, did you remember THE HUGE STANDING BAMBOOS I talked about in my previous blog?


We had to move everything, the decoration, and logistics.

The lesson-learned experience starts here.

1. When we were at the 1st venue, we asked the hotel staff whether they can provide accommodation or not, or maybe a recommendation of pick-up services that can bring THOSE 10 HUGE STANDING BAMBOOS to the next venue. They said that there were a lot of pick-up services nearby, but we couldn’t find any. Another alternative at that time was to use GOBOX by GO-JEK service. Even though it’s quite expensive, at least we can move all the bamboos from the 1st venue.


We couldn’t find the pick-up service. We asked the hotel once again if they can help us, and they had the car ready but no driver in charge on that day. Almost one hour was spent contacting any driver from our contact list. AND YES, we found 1 driver also with a car!

From this situation, I learned how to make better preparations to always have a back-up plan in case unexpected things happen.

For example, I should find the pick-up and delivery service for those bamboos at least days before the event. AND THIS is what I like about managing events. By the end, I got tons of contacts of people whom I can contact for upcoming events.

2. During the workshop preparation, I was in contact with Four Seasons’ staff (the responsible person). I met her twice and saw the 2nd venue to check the sound, room’s layout setting, decoration, and food placement, etc.

Two days before the event, I informed her that we will load all the decoration needs, the night of the 1st day done. BUT I was so tired. I totally forgot to update the changes schedule to Four Seasons’ staff. She was angry. I apologized and talked to her about the situation. She can understand and after I arrived at Four Season’s, I met her. I directly assisted her, but accidentally talked so fast. My tone was also a bit intimidating and I sounded angry. Radhya realized what I did and asked me to apologize right away. Why? Because that was my fault and I shouldn’t have been angry with FS Jimbaran’s staff.

This situation made me learn about controlling my ego and emotions. I am happy with the working system at that taught me to receive and respect feedback given by other people/member, so we can reflect and improve what we have done.

There is still a lot of experiences to be shared. On my next blog, I will talk about the 3rd day of the 4th Sustainability & Resilience workshop. Hope you’ll always like my sharing experience sessions ^^

Thank you so much for reading. Do not forget to always wear your mask and stay healthy 🌱

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