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[Bali life] Short surf trip around Uluwatu in a long weekend

Before Corona, I didn't go out much when I was in Bali because I was travelling a lot, but after Corona, I didn't go out for another reason. Nevertheless, a friend from Germany is near Uluwatu, so I went there with my family.

First, we had an early dinner at Binging, where another family friend who lives in Canggu stays. Binging is the last place where you can rent reasonable accommodation on the beachfront. Binging is a perfect surfing break when the waves are big, but as there is only one spot to break, it can get crowded even when there are no tourists in Corona. Apart from surfing, you can also enjoy a reasonably priced seafood barbecue. A full meal will cost you about $7 if you don't drink alcohol.

The next day we went surfing as a family at Padang Padang beach. This beach is famous for its tube-riding competitions, which are only held when the waves are big, but right next to baby Padang, the most beginner-friendly wave around Uluwatu. It is a strange combination of the hardest wave and the softest wave next to each other. The main Padang Padang is almost empty when the waves are small. This wave is not visible from the beach, so people don't want to paddle down the stairs to check it out. That's when it's the best! We had the whole surf to ourselves that day, just my son and me.

We had lunch at a nearby kebab shop. Whenever I got hungry in Oxford, I would go to a kebab stall. There is also a kebab shop in Canggu, but it is strangely fancy and strangely expensive. This kebab shop in Balangan only costs about $2, which is about the same price as Bali's fast food, Babi Guling.

On the last day, we went to Uluwatu, which the kids wanted to go to. Before Corona, you had to park a car in the car park a few hundred metres before the cliffs, but now you can park your car in front of Single Fin, right in front of the cliffs. The waves are small but still great. You can have your picture taken by a local photographer here. I told them that it's a difficult time for both of us as a business, but the number of photographers is not decreasing, so there are still people who want to have their surf photos taken in Uluwatu.

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